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Why I’ve returned to my roots, and what I love about being here.

Home is about a sense of community and belonging. I’ve been fortunate to grow up in the Southwest, and live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area for more than 35 years. My roots are in Arizona, and it’s the ideal time in my life to return home.

I reminisce about Scottsdale when Camelback Road did not cross the canal at Scottsdale Road. When Goldwater’s Department store and Fashion Square did not exist. I fondly recall going to the orlistat xenical 120 mg as a kid for a Hot Tin Roof Sundae. Sugar Bowl is still there but I would not dare eat one of those today! I’ve always felt connected with what I know intimately, the people and place known as the Valley of the Sun.

I love of the desert and its profound beauty. Unique cloud formations ever changing on the expansive horizon. The deep color of the sky and the infinite shades and hues that kiss the mountains. The smell of orange blossoms in spring. And, perhaps most of all, sunrises and the morning sunshine that fills most every day of the year. I’m proud to be a desert girl.

Most of all, it is the feeling of family that matters. My own family and the friendly character of people who live here. Residents like me who have spent much of their lives here. Transplants who have come from all over the world — bringing their fascinating backgrounds and stories here.

There are dozens of other reasons I’ve chosen to move my home base to Arizona. I now have the opportunity to connect my California friends to the desert and all of the amazing benefits and the lifestyle found here — the value of homes, a lower cost of living and tax burden, amenities like world-class golf courses — and the desert itself. The stunning scenery within the state boundaries. The fabulous geologic formations, not just in Sedona but all over the state. The northernmost Indian reservations at the Four Corners. Skiing at very high elevations in Flagstaff. And of course, the western lifestyle — nobody dances like a cowboy!

This is my first story at my new online home, It’s the place where I’ll be introducing my friends and colleagues to the southwest, and my relationships in the southwest to the Bay Area — a place I know well and still love. I’m excited to apply my experience and skills to serve people in both communities.

I’ve grown personally, and my career experience has expanded beyond what I could have imagined when it began two decades ago. Returning home to my roots is another chapter unfolding in my life, and I look forward to sharing this next journey with friends, family and the incredible people I have developed close relationships with. This is a change for me, just like the change I’ve helped so many of my clients navigate. I welcome the chance to connect, or reconnect with you!


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