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“It was such a pleasure to work together on the sale of 29 El Camino – it was one of my favorite transactions of the year, mostly thanks to you!”

Sarah Wagner Rayburn
Pacific Union Real Estate

You are a rare gem in the real estate world.

– Ann D.

Working with Judy is an absolute pleasure. Her calm, professional manner, are an asset to any buyer or seller. She works hard to make sure the transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible, while keeping the best interests of her clients at the heart of everything she does. If you have the opportunity to work with Judy, you will not be disappointed.

Brenda Hammer
Branch Manager/Sr. Escrow Officer, Stewart Title of California

Judy is in Marin. I’m in San Francisco. Two very different markets, yet we care for our clients the same way. One of the best things about knowing and working with a knowledgeable Realtor in another market is that we refer our clients with confidence which equates to very happy satisfied clients. Judy and I have been referring each other clients for many years.

Jackie NeJaime
San Francisco real estate agent

Thank you for working so tirelessly to help us find a home in this challenging market. You are so well respected among your peers that we feel so lucky to be working with you.

Nicole C.

I have been staging homes in Marin County for Judy for over 12 years. From the beginning I was impressed with how professional and responsive she was to her clients’ needs. When listing a house she provided her clients maximum exposure to the marketplace. She created beautiful websites, videos and marketing flyers of her listings. With her expertise and advertising know-how, she always brought her listings to market in the best possible light. Judy’s integrity, along with her commitment to excellent service and results speak for itself. I am grateful for being part of her marketing team.

Max Lampert
Staging to the Max

In today's real estate market, you need an experienced professional. Listing or buying, you want someone like Judy in your corner. She covers all the bases with a no nonsense, detailed and caring approach for her clients. I know I can count on her to be on top of any situation that might arise. Judy is honest, straight forward, always working with her client's interest as her top priority. Over the years, Judy has always been available, responsive and direct in our dealings. Couldn't recommend her more highly. Thank you, Judy.

Alan Garber
Mortgage Broker

Judy actually helped me sell a home and buy a home. She was great to work with, very responsive, always on top of issues we had to handle. Both transactions went very smooth. I would recommend her to any buyer or seller.

Steve T.
Buyer and Seller

Judy was referred to us by a trusted source and she exceeded our expectations by her thoroughness, breadth of knowledge of the local Marin market and her timeliness. She treated our house as if it was her only property she was selling and gave us all the attention we and the home needed. She went above and beyond with the buyers agents and kept them on our timeline to sell. Even though it was the holidays, she was always accessible. We would highly recommend Judy LaMarr as your Realtor.

Patricia O.

Judy LaMarr helped us find the perfect house in Mill Valley. After the shock of housing prices in the Bay Area compared to the East Coast, Judy eased our transition. Our relationship with Judy did not end with closing, she continues to support our requests for information about the Mill Valley housing market. Great job Judy!

Debra N.

Judy rocks! My husband and I had to deal with a few different realtors and Judy blew them out of the water. Judy is extremely responsive, honest, and knows her stuff. We would definitely recommend her for anyone buying or selling their home.

Carolyn L.

Judy is the ultimate real estate professional that I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with. She takes great care with her clients and is passionate about every aspect of her real estate business. If you want to work with the best, contact Judy.

Chrissie H.
Senior Escrow Officer, 1st Am Scottsdale
Orlistat online