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Reclaimed Desert Water

The City of Scottsdale’s Advanced Water Treatment Facility recycles 20 million gallons a day of water for both groundwater replenishment and for the irrigation of golf courses.

This Reclaimed Water Distribution System is made possible by a private/public partnership funded by 23 golf courses in Scottsdale. This provides water for large turf irrigations without relying on our precious groundwater.

Golf courses are not the only ones to benefit. In the non-peak-watering months, the city filters the excess water through a massive revers osmosis system and replenishes the groundwater supply. In fact, more than 1.7 billion gallons of water were returned to the city’s aquifer in 2014. The city’s innovative project has earned it much acclaim. To learn about this recognition, go topurchase Orlistatxenical 120 mg orlistat reviewsOrlistat us

Orlistat usa

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