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Gainey Ranch is truly an oasis in the desert. The grounds are constantly being maintained with new plantings, including the addition of palm trees. As my grandmother always said, “When you see a palm tree, you know you are having a good time.” She was right.

As a child, I remember Gainey Ranch for the Arabian horses and the shows they used to have. That was back in the day when neighboring McCormick Ranch was actually a ranch as well. Scottsdale Road was dirt with only two lanes that dipped up and down all the way up to Cave Creek.

For me, living in Gainey is the perfect place to be. As a Scottsdale and Paradise Valley girl, Gainey is close to all that I love. It could not be better located to zip down to the farmers markets in Scottsdale, shopping at Fashion Square or Kierland/Scottsdale Quarter, the many golf courses including the 27 holes at Gainey Golf Club, freeway system, Sky Harbor Airport and restaurants galore. Add to that the geese, egrets, eagles and owls nests complete with babies, and you know you are living in paradise.

Whether a full time resident like myself, or a part timer who comes to enjoy the best of the season in the desert, Gainey has a lot to offer with the various activities at the Estates Club. The GRCA is efficiently run with knowledgeable, responsive and, of course, friendly staff.

I couldn’t think of a better place to call home.


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