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6900 E Princess Drive #1106

Xenical 120 mg orlistat reviews, Orlistat diet tablets

Imagine resort style living in this ground floor condo in the desirable gated community of Larronata (formerly known as Montage). This split floor plan offers 2 en-suite bedrooms with large closets. The kitchen has a large walk-in pantry with laundry, built-in microwave and gas cooking. This is a great full time residence or makes a wonderful lock and leave winter getaway or rental. The complex offers 2 heated pools with spas and a secure clubhouse featuring expansive gym, entertaining areas, card room and business center. Great location with proximity to shopping and dining at Kierland, Scottsdale Quarter, Promenade, Harkins theaters, Whole Foods, Fairmont Princess, TPC, West World, Mayo Clinic and the 101.

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