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6101 N. 33rd Street, Paradise Valley, AZ

Orlistat 120mg online, Alli 60 mg orlistat

Enter the front foyer and look through the windows of the unusually high, large living room to the pool and waterfall beyond. The grassy backyard is perfect for kids, dogs and entertaining. The beamed, covered patio sits next to the relaxing pool waterfall and built-in BBQ.

The large eat-in kitchen is a great gathering place next to a large family room with fireplace, bookcases and wet bar. The spacious master bedroom and bath is separate from the rest of the house. The bedroom wing has 3.5 baths, large laundry room with one bedroom converted to office use. With french doors throughout, this house is situated to take advantage of the level yard and patio area. One bay of the three car garage is oversized for a boat or recreational vehicle.

The additional quarter acre beyond the backyard fence is perfect for a sport or tennis court. This quiet location is conveniently located to the Biltmore, Phoenix Country Day School, restaurants and services, downtown and the freeway system, not to mention hiking trailheads.

  • BATHROOMS: 4.5
  • SQ. FT.: 4,896
  • LOT SIZE: 1.25 Acres
  • YEAR BUILT: 1977
  • SALE PRICE: 1,300,000
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