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28 Spring Road, Kentfield, CA

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This iconic mid century home (think Rob and Laura Petri in the Dick Van Dyck Show) enjoys all day sun. Sweeping southern views are world class with full on Mt. Tam and the Bay in the other direction. Enjoy the tranquility of this quiet street to street lot that is perched on the north side of Kent Woodlands. Step down to the wood paneled living room with high, open beamed ceiling and floor to ceiling windows capturing the magnificent views from every seat. The contemporary cement fireplace is a focal point of the spacious room. Step up to the adjoining dining room with sliding door to the deck for a closer view to the beauty of Kent Woodlands. Wake up with the morning sun filtering in the master bedroom. Another bathroom and bedroom with outside deck access complete the main level living. Lower level has additional, half bath and bedroom with fireplace, bonus space and laundry.

  • BATHROOMS: 2.5
  • SQ. FT.:
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