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The combination of Russ Lyon and Sotheby’s International Realty, creates the most trusted name and largest market share in the state of Arizona. According to Lifestory Research, a national independent market research firm, order xenical orlistat cheap is the most trusted residential real brokerage in the U.S. The name is synonymous with luxury and integrity for over 270 years.

SIR had over 14 million visits to the Sotheby’s website last year, up 30% over 2014. December alone had 1.6 million visits. This is accomplished by utilizing search engine optimization and search engine marketing efforts to drive web users to the iconic brand. The uniqueness of the SIR website include 48% of the visitors who are outside the U.S. with 30 million detailed property views.

canadian rx orlistatLocally, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s is owned by the third generation of Lyons with name recognition that dates back in 1947. Until it associated with SIR, it was the oldest family owned residential real estate firm in the state serving second and third generations of home buyers and sellers. When my family moved to the Valley in 1957, only two firms existed, Russ Lyon Realty and Ed Post Realty.

The Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) states that as of 2/2/16, Russ Lyon SIR topped the list with 14.1% of the listings with HomeSmart following at a distant 6.6% with Realty One and Realty Executives with 4.6%. That includes an increase in home sales from 2014 of +6.5% year over year.

Russ Lyon SIR is built on a legacy of trust and the proof is in the numbers.

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Why I’ve returned to my roots, and what I love about being here.

Home is about a sense of community and belonging. I’ve been fortunate to grow up in the Southwest, and live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area for more than 35 years. My roots are in Arizona, and it’s the ideal time in my life to return home.

I reminisce about Scottsdale when Camelback Road did not cross the canal at Scottsdale Road. When Goldwater’s Department store and Fashion Square did not exist. I fondly recall going to the buy generic orlistat cheap as a kid for a Hot Tin Roof Sundae. Sugar Bowl is still there but I would not dare eat one of those today! I’ve always felt connected with what I know intimately, the people and place known as the Valley of the Sun.

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