28 April, 2016

Why I Love Gainey Ranch

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Gainey Ranch is truly an oasis in the desert. The grounds are constantly being maintained with new plantings, including the addition of palm trees. As my grandmother always said, “When you see a palm tree, you know you are having a good time.” She was right.

As a child, I remember Gainey Ranch for the Arabian horses and the shows they used to have. That was back in the day when neighboring McCormick Ranch was actually a ranch as well. Scottsdale Road was dirt with only two lanes that dipped up and down all the way up to Cave Creek.

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6 December, 2015

Why I’ve returned to my roots

Why I’ve returned to my roots, and what I love about being here.

Home is about a sense of community and belonging. I’ve been fortunate to grow up in the Southwest, and live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area for more than 35 years. My roots are in Arizona, and it’s the ideal time in my life to return home.

I reminisce about Scottsdale when Camelback Road did not cross the canal at Scottsdale Road. When Goldwater’s Department store and Fashion Square did not exist. I fondly recall going to the Sugar Bowl Scottsdale Arizona as a kid for a Hot Tin Roof Sundae. Sugar Bowl is still there but I would not dare eat one of those today! I’ve always felt connected with what I know intimately, the people and place known as the Valley of the Sun.

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